2019/20 At A Glance

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Message from the CEO

Rajashree Natarajan


“We take great pleasure in sharing Cognizant Foundation’s Annual Report for 2019/20, along with a special report on our journey over the last 15 years which has impacted over 3.5 million lives across India.”

Thanks to the generous support from Cognizant Management and guidance from the Foundation’s Board, we were able to reach out to more deserving communities and support them in the chosen areas of Education, Healthcare and Livelihood in the year 2019/20. We carefully selected our programmes with thorough secondary research on areas of dire need in the country, vetting of its alignment to the Foundation’s vision, Cognizant’s CSR agenda and the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

Cognizant Foundation Projects are thoroughly evaluated to determine the robustness of field-level interventions in all stages from inception to completion. This has been possible only due to the enthusiasm of volunteers from Cognizant and the passion of our dedicated team. Our goal-oriented approach, a strong focus in nurturing innovation, relentless efforts in leveraging technology to promote excellence and strong partner network has helped us maximise the impact of our work. We take this opportunity to thank all our partners for their passionate support and commitment towards making our dream a reality.

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Operational Highlights

In 2019/20, Cognizant Foundation entered its 15th year of empowering change for the most marginalised and underserved communities in India. During this period, the Foundation was able to impact the lives of more than 3.5 million people through 385+ projects. This milestone was achieved thanks to partnerships with 270+ non-profit organisations and institutions, Cognizant Outreach team and Cognizant Associates, all of whom helped reach the unreached through their unwavering dedication.

The year witnessed the strengthening of the cross-cutting theme of prevention of disabilities and empowering Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).

During the year, the Foundation continued its efforts to sharpen its focus through a programme approach in which projects are not picked up at random, but are tailored and promoted to fit into a focal area of activity. Flagship programmes were scaled up in all key sectors - Healthcare, Education and Livelihood - through strategic partnerships with credible implementation agencies.

The year witnessed the strengthening of the cross-cutting theme of prevention of disabilities and empowering Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). The Healthcare flagship programme of “Preventing Avoidable Blindness” had its thrust on arresting the spread of preventable blindness, especially among infants and children. Under the umbrella of Education, the Foundation launched scholarship programmes with the aim of providing access to quality education for the visually challenged students and strengthening the special education ecosystem in the country. The Livelihood flagship programme empowered PwDs and helped them become self-reliant.

As part of the ongoing effort to extend its reach, Cognizant Foundation added the state of Odisha to its geographical focus, with the aim of adding other deserving geographies like the North East in 2020/21. The COVID-19 pandemic which struck towards the end of 2019/20 saw the Foundation gear up to equip frontline workers and healthcare systems to combat the invisible enemy.

2019/20 Impact By The Numbers

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71 Projects

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44 NGO Partners

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1,82,700+ Lives Benefitted

Impact Numbers by Sector

Impact pie chart
  • Bringing Quality Healthcare Within Reach
  • Enabling Access to Quality Education
  • Enabling Livelihood
  • Rebuilding Communities

Geographic Coverage

India map
  • AP/Telangana
    33,200+ lives
  • Karnataka
    13,800+ lives
  • Kerala
    200+ lives
  • Maharashtra
    78,000+ lives
  • NCR
    10+ lives
  • Odisha
    1,200+ lives
  • Tamil Nadu
    34,100+ lives
  • West Bengal
    18,500+ lives
  • Pan India
    3,500+ lives