Enable access to quality education for underserved communities in India

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Focus Areas

Under the pillar of Education, Cognizant Foundation works to enable access to quality education for the underserved communities in India. The Foundation's efforts are focussed on promoting equity, merit and inclusion by helping beneficiaries acquire knowledge which is relevant in the modern world.


Learners empowered in 2019/20

Scholarships for Higher Education 

The reach


4 Scholarship

1,011 Scholars Supported

151 Institutions

20 States

Scholarships for Higher Education

In Engineering & STEM

In 2019/20

503 Scholars Supported

72 Institutions

20 States

Partners Foundation for Excellence India Trust (FFE), Bengaluru Christel House, Bengaluru Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai Swadha Foundation, Bengaluru Cognizant Outreach

Scholarships for Higher Education

In Engineering & STEM

“(This programme) has clearly shown the power of giving and the impact it can create.”

Sudha Kidao
Managing Trustee, FFE

“I owe my success to the Cognizant Foundation-FFE Scholarship Programme.”

Bodulla Sahithi
Student, NIT Rourkela

“We are very happy that Cognizant Foundation has come forward to sponsor the tuition fees for 10 students in this programme each year, making it accessible to students from varied economic and social backgrounds.”

Prof. Madhavan Mukund Dy. Director and Dean of Studies,
Chennai Mathematical Institute

“The Cognizant Foundation scholarship allowed me to focus solely on being a good student and researcher. As part of my thesis, I tackled a Computer Science problem with implications in Social Choice Theory.”

Ankita Sarkar M.Sc. Computer Science (2018-20),
Chennai Mathematical Institute

Scholarships for Higher Education

For Persons with Disabilities 

In 2019/20

200+ Students Supported for Graduate Education

300+ Beneficiaries of EMET Programme for Job Readiness

6 States

Partner Help the Blind Foundation (HTBF), Chennai

Scholarships for Higher Education

For Persons with Disabilities

Photograph of Nataraj

“We are really thankful to Cognizant Foundation for their support without which we would not have achieved (our goals).”

Trustee, HTBF

Photograph of Divya

“Through the EMET programme, I have reaped many benefits.”

Trainee, HTBF

Capacity Building in School Education 

The reach
of the programme in 2019/20

78,745 Students

1,063 Teachers

174 Schools

10 Partners

5 States

Capacity Building in School Education

Promoting Digital Learning & STEM Education 

In 2019/20

73,845 Students

1,007 Teachers

134 Schools

Partners Aide et Action, Chennai Agastya International Foundation, Bengaluru The American India Foundation Trust, New Delhi IT for Change, Bengaluru Rotary Club of Chennai, Kilpauk, Chennai Madras School of Economics, Chennai

Capacity Building in School Education

Promoting Digital Learning & STEM

Photograph of Firdos Ara Khan

“(The training) resulted in an informative and smooth way of teaching learning processes.”

Firdos Ara Khan
Teacher, Bangalore High School, Jayanagar

Photograph of Gurumurthy

“We explore how tools can be used to create more engaging, interactive learning opportunities.”

Director, IT for Change

Photograph of Kishore

“Thank you for helping me see the world in a way I couldn’t before.”

Student, Class 7

Photograph of Srinivas

“I never thought that one day I will be able to access digital devices and gadgets to teach my students.”

Yerram Srinivas
Teacher, ZP High School, Karimnagar

Promoting Vocational Technical Education

Cognizant Foundation works towards promoting Vocational Technical Education by supporting various trade-based technical skilling programmes. Only institutes which offer programmes that are benchmarked with industry standards, approved by skill sector councils provide and have exceptional placement services are extended support.

Promoting Vocational Technical Education

Career Value Enhancement for Youth and Persons with Disabilities

In 2019/20

Training in Electronic Mechanic Trade

36 Beneficiaries

Partner Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Bengaluru

Promoting Vocational Technical Education

Career Value Enhancement for Young Women and Rural Youth

In 2019/20

Training in Vision Technician Course

11 Beneficiaries

2 States

Partners L.V. Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), Hyderabad
Dr. Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, New Delhi

Promoting Vocational Technical Education

Career Value Enhancement

Photograph of Sravani

“I hope they (Cognizant Foundation) never stop supporting financially disadvantaged students.”

N. Sravani
Trainee at LVPEI

Photograph of Raju

“Thanks to Cognizant Foundation’s support … I am able to focus on growing as an individual.”

Raju V. Asangi
Trainee at NTTF

Vocational Technical Education

Promoting Vocational Skilling Infrastructure

The Foundation supports some of the finest Vocational Technical Education institutions in the country by helping them strengthen their learning environment through state-of-the-art physical and digital infrastructure.

Tamil Nadu

500+ Rural students benefit every year

Institution Swami Dayananda Saraswati Educational Society, Manjakudi

Support Equipment for 2-year Diploma Courses in Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning and Mechanical & Power Electronics


465+ Rural students benefit every year

Institution Swami Vivekananda Rural Community College, Puducherry

Support Equipment for Computer Laboratory to launch Animation & Web Designing course